Wordsmith’s Unique Decisions for “Blue Collar Recital”


By Vance Brinkley

On a chilly Friday night in Baltimore, guests packed local clothing boutique, PEDX. Some were looking at the unique line of clothing products the store carries, and some were purchasing merchandise. Some were listening to the deejay’s unique mix of Notorious BIG and other old school hip hop artists, and some were conversing about hip hop in general. Surprisingly, this was the end of an album release party — local emcee Wordsmith’s album release party for his latest release Blue Collar Recital.


When you think of an album release party, most people think of a high-end nightclub, with beautiful women, alcoholic beverages, and neon lights present to mesmerize the listener. But Wordsmith’s decision to host his party for Blue Collar Recital at PEDX is deeper. “I wanted to have an intimate setting,” Wordsmith says. “I didn’t feel like that club setting was right for that album.” Blue Collar Recital revolves around the day of a blue collar citizen and the obstacles that lie ahead, from the early hours of the morning preparing for work, to the end of the workday, and the traffic and general headaches that occur in between. The album also reveals Wordsmith’s struggle and personal obstacles. “I wanted to make a record that people like us can pop in the player, and it’d be pretty much the soundtrack to your life.” It was gratifying to hear this album relates to the everyday working person.

Smith’s independent success in the music industry has ranged from being played on ESPN and during the PGA Tour, to receiving a nomination for an IMEA award for “Male Hip Hop Vocalist of the Year”. Many would think with his success, Wordsmith would move on to new topics for a bigger audience, right? Nope. The images of diamonds, cars, and clothes are nothing but a fantasy, and Wordsmith knows it. “Most of us aren’t rich” says ‘Smith. “Most likely, you’re getting up 5,6,7,8 o’clock to work,” he says. This is what drives Wordsmith’s new album, in order to create a message through good music.

Even with all of his success independently, Wordsmith remains humble and willing to share what he knows to other artists in order to be successful hip hop artists, no matter where that success comes from. Wordsmith is much more than what meets the eye. From his music, to his album release party, ‘Smith is working diligently as an artist representing the blue collar lifestyle most of us live, and he is inching closer and closer to greater notoriety through his rhymes.

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